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Ol Pejeta Conservancy

A visit to Ol Pejeta conservancy remains one of the best ways to maximize wildlife sightings within a day.  In fact, unlike other parks, you will see animals promptly due to a very high game-to-area ratio.

Indeed, it is famous for pioneering conservation projects. Indeed, as a conservancy, it vastly differs from your typical national park. 

This is why. 

A national park is a protected area kept apart for the conservation of wildlife. While a conservancy is not only a protected area, but also where humans live side by side with the animals. Consequently, conservancies serve to promote healthy ecosystems that support wildlife, livestock and human needs. Indeed, they also improve the conditions of degraded areas and minimize the impact of invasive species to ensure adequate supply of water for wildlife, people and livestock.

In addition, wildlife sanctuaries also offer rehabilitation to injured and abandoned wildlife. In fact, they are also used a breeding ground for species that are in rapid decline like the rhinos – like Ol Pejeta conservancy. Consequently, it was a refuge for the last two northern white rhino remaining on the planet.

Furthermore, it is the largest black rhino sanctuary in the whole of East Africa, but it is also home to the Big Five. Also, it has a mind-blowingly rich array of African game and over 200 migrant and resident bird species. The conservancy boasts one of the greatest game-to-area ratios of any reserve in Kenya in a pioneering and mutually beneficial land-management system.

Highlights of The Conservancy

In fact, Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a testament to the success of conservation efforts not only in Kenya but also East Africa. Indeed, the Ol Pejeta Conservancy has one of the largest concentrations of rhinos. Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a private concession of nearly 40,000 hectares. Indeed, it is famous for the quality of its safaris and shelters the big 5. In fact, there are many rhinoceros that have been re-introduced here, alongside other animals.

In fact, it has a very fruitful collaboration with pastoralists. Consequently, these programmes are beneficial to local pastoralists and wildlife. Furthermore, the conservancy’s provides social services health and education services.

At the heart of this reserve lies 2 unique attractions namely:

  • A large enclosure that hosts a placid rhinoceros that can be seen from a platform.
  • It is possible to carry out activities otherwise prohibited in other parks like night safaris and bush walks.
  • A sanctuary that houses forty chimpanzees – the only one in Kenya.
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