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The Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park

The Aberdare National Park is located in Kenya near the Aberdare Mountains and it covers an area of ​​766 km2. In fact, the Aberdares is almost similar to other tropical mountains found in East and Central Africa. Consequently, you will see endemic plant species across these vital ecosystems like the afro-alpine flora.

Surprisingly, it is one of the highest and most forested parks in Kenya, which rises to 4,000 meters above sea level. Meanwhile, its landscapes are lush composed of forests and land with many waterfalls and rich vegetation. Consequently, the Aberdares regions is one of the wettest areas of Kenya. Accordingly, the thickness of tropical forests makes it extremely difficult to observe animals.

However, many geographical curiosities are still plentiful.For instance, the park is renowned for its torrential waterfalls plunging from cloud-shrouded heights to spray-filled ravines. In fact, Gura and Karuru Falls are some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kenya. As such, the Gura Falls impresses with its height (100 meters), while the Karuru Falls are encased within beautiful virgin forest site. However, Maguru and Chania Falls and other smaller waterfalls are less spectacular.

Highlights of the Aberdare National Park

Nevertheless, do note that the Aberdare National Park differs from other national parks in Kenya. This is because it is relatively low in wildlife and hence it is primarily a mountain park. Or rather, an African mountain. However, various rare species that live in the park include the Bongo, Black Rhinoceros, African mountain Elephant, Giant Forest Hog, the African Golden Cat and the Spotted Hyena. As for the small mammals we have the Mole-shrew, the Mole rat, the Mountain viper. In addition, it has over 200 bird species.

The lower floor of the park is a dense tropical forest since this is where most of the park’s large mammals are concentrated. The bamboo plantation on the middle floor of the Aberdare Mountains is impressive, as is atypical. As such, Aberdares National Park lies mainly above the treeline, with some forest and scrub at lower altitude. As for the alpine area, it has lobelias and  moorland plants that cover the ground when they bloom. Consequently, ground looks like a blue and yellow carpet.

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