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Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo is popular for its immensity, its wild side and the unique African atmosphere of the eastern part with its red soil and baobabs. Indeed, while it is less easy to find animals than in other national parks in Kenya, it is the search of the animals that make this part of the safari exciting.

Tsavo National Park was originally a single huge park, but now the Nairobi – Mombasa highway and the railroad cuts through the park. In fact there are now two parks, because animals can hardly cross these two transport links.

Consequently, the landscapes are very different from one part to the other. Indeed, Tsavo West has hills and rocky escarpments interspersed with lava flow and is quite bushy. However, Tsavo East has large rolling grassy plains and it is characterized by its bright red soil.

Tsavo East National Park is one of the oldest and largest parks in Kenya (13,747 km2). Opened in April 1948, it is located near the city of Voi in the Taita District of the Coast Province. The vegetation cover varies a lot in the large park. There are open plains alternating from grasslands and savannah bush land to semi-arid acacia scrub and woodlands. 

In addition, the most vegetated areas, woodland and thickets, are found along the rivers that cross the park. Consequently, the southernmost parts of the park, south of river Galana, are mostly open bushed grassland. 

Main Attractions

  • Yatta plateau- The Yatta plateau stretches from the north to the south and lies between rivers Athi and Tiva. The plateau is characterized by plain wide shallow spaced valleys. It has a length of 290 km, forming one of the Earth’s most extensive phonolitic lava flows.
  • Lugard Falls – It is a series of rapids of the Galana River. Indeed, it is one of the prettiest stretches along the Galana River. As such, Lugards Falls is a wonderful landscape of water-sculpted channels and striated rocks. Indeed, it is yet another interesting stretch of water to see wildlife is the Aruba Dam, located in the eastern part of Tsavo Park.
  • Mudanda rock – The one and a half kilometres long Mudanda rock outcrop forms a natural dam at the base of the plateau. Animals use the water body formed by the dam as a waterhole. The rivers Tsavo and Athi form the Galana River when they join.
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