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4 -Days Tsavo East-West-Amboseli Safari

4 -Days Tsavo East-West-Amboseli Safari

$900 / per person
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Do you want to discover a side of the Kenyan bush safaris and excursions only few people know about? The Taita Hills tour and Amboseli National Park Safari blends a popular destination with an exclusive one. Explore off the beaten track tour in this package and enjoy the unspoilt views of Taita Hills wildlife sanctuary and Amboseli National Park.

In fact, the off the Beaten Path Taita Hills tour is fully customizable and private. Consequently, Jumbo adventures can modify the duration of this unbeatable package according to the needs of the travelers.

In Our 4 Days, Amboseli National Park Safari takes you to the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro near the Kenya and Tanzania border.

Indeed, this package perfectly blends off the beaten paths as well as a popular wildlife destination. Effectively this means that you not only maximize chances of seeing abundant wildlife, but also seeing one of he most unspoilt landscapes Kenya has to offer.

This tour shall explore the Taita hills wildlife sanctuary which is privately owned. Indeed, Its location is adjacent to Tsavo West & Lumo community Sanctuary. Its location is 220 kilometers from Mombasa. Wildlife roams freely in this Sanctuary.

Two among the best lodges in Kenya are located in this Taita Hills wildlife sanctuary and this is Sarova Salt lick game lodge & Sarova Taita hills game lodge. This Salt Lick Amboseli Safari shall also cover Amboseli national park. The park is famous for its large Elephant population and of course the other members of the Big Five. It is here where one can get the best views of Mount Kilimanjaro – undoubtedly the highest in Africa with its snow-covered peaks. We shall be contacting unlimited wildlife viewing during the day time taking safari participants to the natural home of Africa’s wildlife.


  • Park fees(For non-residents)
  • All activities(Unless labeled as optional)
  • All accommodation(Unless listed as upgrade)
  • A professional driver/guide
  • All transportation(Unless labeled as optional)
  • All Taxes/VAT
  • Roundtrip airport transfer
  • Meals(As specified in the day-by-day section)
  • Drinking water(On all days)


  • International flights(From/to home)
  • Additional accommodation before and at the end of the tour
  • Tips(Tipping guideline US$10.00 pp per day)
  • Personal items(Souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fees, etc.)
  • The government imposed an increase of taxes and/or park fees



  • Destination
  • Departure
    Nairobi or Mombasa
  • Departure Time
    Approximately 8.30AM
  • Return Time
    Approximately 2.00 PM
  • Dress Code
    Casual, comfortable and light

Tour Plan


Day 1:Nairobi- Tsavo East

Commence your exhilarating journey by departing Nairobi in the early hours of the morning. Embark on a scenic drive that takes you from the bustling urban landscape to the enchanting wilderness of Tsavo East National Park. As the sun begins to cast its golden rays upon the land, you'll traverse the changing landscapes, witnessing the gradual transition from the city's hustle and bustle to the tranquil expanse of the national park. Upon your arrival at Tsavo East, a world of natural wonders awaits. You'll be greeted by the warm hospitality of your chosen accommodation, a haven amidst the wild surroundings. Take a moment to savor a delicious lunch, reenergizing yourself for the adventures that lie ahead. The afternoon unveils an extraordinary opportunity as you embark on a captivating game drive through Tsavo East. This remarkable national park is renowned not only for its incredible biodiversity but also for its famed "red elephants," adding a touch of uniqueness to your wildlife encounters. As you venture deeper into the heart of the park, keep your senses heightened, as each turn of the trail might unveil a new chapter in the captivating stories of the wild. From the graceful gazelles to the majestic lions, the wildlife of Tsavo East paints an awe-inspiring picture of the circle of life. Dinner and Overnight stay at a lodge or camp within Tsavo East. Accomodation options are Ashnil aruba,sentrim tsavo and voi wildlife lodge

Day 2: Tsavo East - Tsavo West

As dawn breaks over Tsavo East, embrace the tranquility of the early morning on an exhilarating game drive. With the sun casting a golden hue upon the savannah, the air is alive with anticipation, and the landscape becomes a canvas painted with the silhouettes of wildlife in motion. This immersive experience grants you an intimate glimpse into the natural rhythms of Tsavo East, where every rustle and call tells a story of the wild. After savoring a satisfying breakfast, your journey continues, leading you from Tsavo East to the captivating landscapes of Tsavo West National Park. Enroute, be captivated by the ever-changing vistas that unfurl before you, a picturesque panorama that transitions from open plains to rolling hills. Along this scenic route, a remarkable stop awaits at Mzima Springs—a hidden gem where you can peer beneath the water's surface to witness the graceful movements of hippos and the silent glide of crocodiles. Here, the water's clarity unveils a secret world, offering an opportunity to witness the aquatic wonders of Africa in their natural habitat. The day's adventures unfold further as you indulge in a sumptuous lunch at your lodge or camp, where comfort meets the untamed beauty of Tsavo West. As the afternoon sun begins its descent, prepare for another game drive, this time within Tsavo West. Traverse the rugged terrain and lush pockets of vegetation as you search for the elusive rhinos and other fascinating wildlife that inhabit this diverse park. As the day gracefully transitions to night, find solace in the embrace of your lodge or camp within Tsavo West, where you'll rest under a star-studded sky, reliving the moments that have woven an unforgettable tapestry of the wild. accommodation at serena kilaguni

Day 3: Tsavo west -Amboseli

Following a satisfying breakfast, embark on a journey to Amboseli National Park, a realm of awe-inspiring wonders. As you venture towards this renowned sanctuary, be prepared to be captivated by the breathtaking sight of Mount Kilimanjaro looming majestically on the horizon, a sight that welcomes you to this remarkable wilderness. Arriving at your chosen accommodation, indulge in a delightful lunch that refuels your spirit for the adventures ahead. The afternoon unveils an extraordinary opportunity as you set out on a captivating game drive through Amboseli. This remarkable park, with its expansive vistas and iconic views of Kilimanjaro, offers a backdrop like no other. Keep your senses attuned as you traverse the landscapes, for Amboseli is renowned not only for its picturesque beauty but also for its thriving elephant herds that gracefully roam its plains. As the sun sets behind the magnificent silhouette of Kilimanjaro, the enchantment continues with an overnight stay at a lodge or camp nestled within Amboseli, where the symphony of the wild serenades you into a peaceful slumber. Accommodation in Amboseli Sopa lodges

Amboseli -Nairobi

Early morning game drive in Amboseli to capture the sunrise and wildlife activity. Return to the lodge/camp for breakfast. Check out and depart for Nairobi with a picnic lunch en route. Arrive in Nairobi in the late afternoon or evening, marking the end of your safari.

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