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Documents You Need When visiting Kenya

Most nationalities must have a visa to enter Kenya. In addition, the passport must have a validity of at least six months upon entering the Kenyan territory. As of September 2015, it is advisable to obtain before arrival in Kenya an electronic visa. Indeed, this visa is delivered online, within one week, from this site

However, it is still possible to obtain a visa on arrival at international airports. Furthermore, if you want to travel in the East African region, you can get a single visa. Namely, the “East Africa Tourist Visa” which costs 100 dollars. Consequently, the Kenyan tourist visa, with an initial duration of three months can be extended for another three months by the Kenyan Immigration Service. The cost of renewing this visa is around 2,200 ksh (about 20 €).

Nevertheless, those wishing to settle (stay longer than six months) or work in Kenya must obtain the corresponding resident permit (Work-Permit, Dependent Pass, etc.). This is because the Kenyan immigration authorities are very strict with respect to foreigners who have stayed in the country illegally. In fact, this applies to those doing voluntary work without a work permit.

Visas for children under 16 years old

Children under 16 years of age accompanying their parents on a trip to Kenya are exempt from visa requirements. A stamp of entry is affixed by the immigration services on their passport.

Business Visas

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a “business visa”. This is due to the fact that the Kenyan immigration does not give a short stay visa for less than 3 months. All in all, to do any work – even a consultancy requires the holding in addition to the entry visa – a special pass. This is a kind of temporary work permit that is particularly suitable for short-term work. Indeed, it is easily obtained from the central immigration services, Nyayo House 20 th floor, Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi. 

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